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Vanguard Website Solutions

Manage and administer your organization's Web Communications through industry best practices.

Web Communications Governance Products







Vanguard Website Solutions helps clients responsibly manage and administer their Web Communications content and usage through a set of Governance Products. These products are proprietary templates derived from industry best practices that can be used by clients to help manage their liability exposure for Web-enabled Communications, such as websites, social media and email.  Vanguard Website Solutions Governance products include the following:


  • Policies, standards and best practices for organization


  • Website and Social Media Pages Terms of Use


  • Website and Social Media Pages Liability Disclaimer

  • Website and Social Media Pages Visitor Data Privacy Policy


  • Email Recipient Disclaimer


These templates can be used in the existing form or Vanguard Website Solutions will modify the templates for specific client application within specified limit of scope. We can accommodate additional scope for modification per client authorization.


Note that client organizations are solely responsible for the use or violation of Vanguard Website Solutions Governance Products and any associated liability. We do not provide legal services for our clients and recommend review of our Governance Products (including client customization) by client legal representation before usage. Vanguard Website Solutions charges a very moderate annual royalty fee for use of these products.


Pricing information available upon request.

Not sure how to manage and administer your organization's  Web Communications, including protection from potential liabilities?

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