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Vanguard Website Solutions

Find out if your Organization's website is delivering real value

Website Evaluation Service


Vanguard Website Solutions has developed an innovative website evaluation process that provides website sponsors with a comprehensive website valuation report card. Upon completion of the evaluation process, Vanguard Website Solutions delivers a detailed findings report to the sponsor with in-depth insight regarding the true value the website is providing for the organization and the target website audience (see example results provided below).


The website evaluation process uses a combination of quantitative and subjective analysis to develop a website value classification represent the value delivered by a particular website. A proprietary mathematical model is used to derive high fidelity evaluation category ratings in conjunction with an overall website rating. Vanguard Website Solutions has assembled a preeminent compilation of web design and usage “industry best practices” for application as highly effectual analytic criteria. These Industry best practices have been organized into a suite of eight, high-impact evaluation categories that cover a full range of essential website characteristics including:


  • Organizational alignment

  • Mobile device usability

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Compelling layout and design

  • Aesthetically appealing

  • Well organized content

  • Easy website navigation

  • Quality performance


Pricing information available upon request.

Thorough website evaluation

Website Evaluation Results Example

Current Website in Example

Overall Rating = 35.1% (Poor)



Proposed Webiste in Example

Overall Rating = 93.7% (Excellent)



Proposed Website ratings compare with "best in class"

Town Websites


New York State!

Move to excellent

Note that the above example is representative of typical Town Government website ratings and does not necessarily represent the data of any particular Vanguard Website Solutions clients.

Your Organization can't compete in today's web-connected world if your website has failing grades!



Evaluation Results Example
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