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Vanguard Website Solutions

Keep your website relevant and current with a Website Management Service subscription!

Website Management Service


Vanguard Website Solutions provides a Website Management Service to ensure that your organization's website is fully published to the Internet and is completely functional with current content in support of your website users. The Website Management Service is provided as a annually renewable 12 month subscription that includes the following:


  • A license for use of Vanguard Website Solutions Website templates.



  • Incorporate Client provided Web Page content updates. Transform content from Client native formats to effective Website content up to specified maximum number of Web Page content updates. Additional Web Page content updates may be accommodated for an additional, agreed to fee.


  • Develop agreed to Website modifications. Incorporate “bug fixes” or improvements up to a specified number of hours, accommodate more modifications for additional, agreed to fee.


  • Publish "Approved Versions" of Website to the Internet. Utilize Client Domain Name if feature is selected and available.



Annual subscription fees are based on the associated Website Package and desired level of service (i.e., frequency and scale of website content updates or modifications). 


Pricing information available upon request.

Website Hosting Service


Vanguard Website Solutions establishes (or renews on an annual basis) a website hosting service account with a third party provider specifically in support of the Client's website to be published to the Internet. As a minimum, this website hosting account supports the following:


  • Up to 10 Gigabytes of storage for the Client's website.


  • Unlimited access bandwidth.


  • No autonomous third party advertising.


  • Use of Client's existing Domain Name, if available (if not available a third party domain will be utilized).


  • Google analytics to monitor website usage.


Vanguard Website Solutions utilizes Wix.Com as one of various third party options to provide these

Website Hosting Services. Wix.Com is a well established cloud based service provider with more than

56 million users in over 190 countries. As a "Wix Reseller", Vanguard Website Solutions is experienced

at delivering Website Hosting Services through Wix.Com. Vanguard Website Solutions utilizes a unique

Wix "Unlimited Premium Plan" account for each Client, providing the aforementioned capabilities in a

dedicated, secure environment.

Vanguard Website Solutions
Hosting Service

Website Modifications and Updates


An integral part of a Website Management Service subscription is the modification and content update of a Client's website. Content updates are defined as information provided by the Client  that are transformed into website type content by Vanguard Website Solutions. Website  modifications consist of Client requested changes to the Vanguard Website Solutions provided website structures or functions (i.e. adding a new Web Page). Depending on the Website Package level being supported by the subscription, there are a predefined number of website content updates included, in conjunction with a predefined number of Vanguard Website Solutions staff hours allocated for desired modifications. Additional website content updates or modifications can be provided as needed through additional fees.


Client content can be provided in various native formats, including: Microsoft Word, Text (i.e., email), PDF and JPEG, PNG, GIF and MPEG for media based content. Once Vanguard Website Solutions completes incorporation of the desired content updates of website modifications, a review version of the website is provided to the Client for review and approval. "Approved Versions" are subsequently published to the Internet.

Content transformation

We make website content updates

EASY for you


for website visitors!


Website Usage Reports

Depending on the Website Package level being supported by the Website Management Service subscription, Website Usage Reports will be delivered to Clients that provide insights into how visitors find and use their website. These Website Usage Reports are based on Google Analytics, which is a service that tracks and reports website traffic. As a minimum the following information will be included in a Website Usage Report:


  • the number of people that have visited pages of the Client’s Web Site and whether visits were the result of direct access or via an internet search,


  • the depth of visitor website engagement including the number of pages visited, the length of time that visitors stay on each page and page bounce rates,


  • the geographical location from where the Client’s Web Site's traffic is coming from,


  • the types of devices used to access the Client's Website (i.e., mobile, desktop computer).

Website Usage Reports

Accurately track your website performance over time

Usage Reports
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