Why Now

Why Web Communications are a BIG DEAL for your organization

and WHY NOW IS THE TIME for action 

In today's web connected world, technology has enabled significant growth in the competition for people's time and attention. It has become much more challenging for smaller organizations to engage people (including residents, congregations, volunteers, etc.). Is your organization getting left behind?


  • Other organizations are already leveraging Web Communications delivery channels with exploding levels of content on desktops, laptops, tablets and every type of smartphone, what about your organization?


  • Your organization is "how you web" (whether your organization is ready or not), a website is no longer just a view of an organization, the web-connected public expects the website to "be the organization" (readily accessible information, current, relevant and accessible content, the first and maybe only contact mechanism, etc.), is your organization ready?


Industry data provides insights into the importance of using effective Web Communications for the long term health and viability of your organization, including: Web Communications scale and growth, Mobile communications connectivity and data utilization, and changing population demographics.


Web Communications can be used to augment (not totally replace) traditional communications delivery channels, providing more ways for people to participate, including location independent interactions with greater accessibility for those with physical limitations. Decision processes can leverage more robust discussion with broader perspectives and better visibility into issues and proposed solutions. Polls and surveys can reach larger pools of interest.

Sheer scale of Web Communications today is STAGGERING and CONTINUING TO GROW!

Web Communications

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Mobile Communications provides continuous Web access for people and 


Mobile Communiations

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U.S. population is shifting towards technology driven generations,



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