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Why Choose Us

Why Vanguard Website Solutions is

the "RIGHT"  Web Communications provider for your organization 

  • We provide solutions focused on your needs. We deliver Web Communications solutions focused on the needs of smaller, cost sensitive Governmental, Religious and other Not-for-Profit organizations as opposed to "general purpose Web Design providers".


  • We are technology experts. We are experts regarding Web Commuications technologies and solutions, including the highly effective translation of website content for Mobile Devices, as opposed to "general Information Technology suppliers".


  • We help your organization be more efficient. As opposed to your "dedicated employees", we allow your team to focus on your organization's business, rather than trying to also support Web Communications technologies. In addition our rich content can reduce the number of daily employee interruptions.


  • We are there when you need us. We provide reliable, sustainable solutions through contracted services. As opposed to "well meaning volunteers", you can be sure we are there when you need support the most.


  • We protect your investment. We utilize widely available, proven industry standard technologies in conjunction with an unsurpassed compilation of industry best Web Design practices to leverage and preserve your precious funds.


  • Our website designs truly represent your organization. We offer compelling website designs that are:


a. Easy to find on the Internet through SEO techniques

b. Easy to use, welcoming and capturing the attention of visitors.

c. A reflection of the essence of your organization.

d. Simple to keep up to date with the rich content people

    expect, making your website more relevant and more effective.

e. Accessible web design solutions that support website visitors

    with disabilities.

e. Support professional website governance.

Our website solutions



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