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Affordable small town, village, municipal government websites
Affordable small town, village, municipal government websites
Affordable small town, village, municipal government websites
Affordable small town, village, municipal government websites

.... and EVERY
type of
We can help your organization
"Win the Competition" for people's time.
 Enable more people engagement through
easy to find, easy to use, affordable websites
with the rich content people expect on their 
desktops, laptops, tablets ......... 

Web Communications

designed specifically for smaller, cost sensitive


Governmental, Religious and other Not-For-Profit Organizations

Website Report Card
Is your Website making the grade? Is it up to date? Is it easy to find and use? Is it difficult or costly to maintain? Does it get many visitors?
Have an existing website? Get a professional, comprehensive, "Website Evaluation" to see how much value your website is delivering for your organization. New York State reviewed 500 municipal websites in 2014 and more 85% received failing grades. In today's "Web-Connected" world, great Web Communications are essential.
Affordable small town, village, municipal government websites

Report Card Grade = F

Your organization can't compete if your website has failing grades!

Mobile Communications
Do you use your mobile devices to find information on the internet? How about social media to keep up with people, activities and events? Is it frustrating when mobile access isn't effective?
Your constituents, residents, congregations, partners, suppliers, employees and volunteers are relying on mobile Web Communications to stay connected in their daily lives. Mobile data usage is growing at an astounding rate (just check your phone bill to see how much data your family or business is using).
Affordable small town, village, municipal government websites

Don't be left behind, enable usable mobile access to your organization today!

Greater Engagement 
Want more engagement with your constituents, residents, congregations, partners, suppliers, employees and volunteers? Does your organization get lost when competing for people's time?
Technology has significantly changed how people interact with organizations in today's world. Much greater wireless connectivity has resulted in more demands for people's time and attention than any time ever before. All of your organization's stakeholders are impacted by today's Web Communications demands.
Affordable small town, village, municipal government websites

Effective Web Communications can help keep your organization relevant with greater people engagement!

What's Important
Professional, Affordable and Sustainable Solutions
Does your organization need a website solution that remains viable over time? Do your employees spend too much time and money dealing with the maintenance of your website? Concerned about potential liabilities with Web Communicaitons content and usage? Are the security and reliability of your organization's information important, what about information collected from your stakeholders? How well does your organization's web communications support people with disabilities?
  • Don't hurt your organization with a bad website. Inadequate, hard to find, hard to use, or obsolete websites can result in a significant negative experience for website  visitors and build a negative perception of your organization.
  • People expect websites with up to date "rich content". Rich content includes providing the right information that is presented in an engaging manner. Up to date content is key to ensuring your organization remains relevant in the eyes of your web-enabled constituents.
  • Your website needs to be easy to find. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has evolved significantly, multi-faceted strategies and techniques beyond keywords are essential to achieve acceptable search ratings for your website.
  • Limit your organization's liability with proven techniques. Website terms of use, usage disclaimers and privacy policies are required today in order to limit website owner liability.
  • Be sure your website facilitates use by constituents with disabilities. Your website needs a practical accessible design strategy and implementation to help those with special needs, including the use of assistive technologies.
"Our business model, products and services are built on the foundation of providing professional, affordable and sustainable Web Communicaitons specifically to meet the needs of smaller scale, cost sensitive organizations."
Get reliable, professional Web Communications that will stand the test of time!
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